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WordHero AI our writing tool review


What exactly is Wordhero?


WordHero AI is one of the best tools for creating content using artificial intelligence (AI GPT-3).
It's a great tool for freelancers, agencies, and businesses. It is simple to use, efficient and effective. It speeds up the writing process.
AI Wordhero can be used to make writing plans for you, create different types of content including product reviews, product ratings and social media posts…
Unlimited content is available for 269 $ when using GPT-3. You can also pay 89 $ to create the equivalent of 20,000 words per month. Pay only once for the software.

If you are looking for an experienced content writer to help you write interesting and informative articles, you may consider using artificial intelligence. AI content writers can write well-organized and comprehensive articles that appeal to a wide audience. They are also aware of the latest trends and are able to create content that is both engaging and useful for readers. If you need help creating an article or material for your site, an AI content writer is the right resource for you.

What type of technology does WordHero Ai Copywriter use?

It is based on Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) technology. It is a self-egressive deep learning model of linguistics that produces human-like texts. OpenAI is the developer of the GPT-n series, a third-generation model for language prediction. It also uses proprietary AI technology.

Who uses Wordhero?

Various people can benefit from the services of AI content writers. For example, someone who wants to write new texts for their blog or website. Someone who wants to make an existing text more interesting and appealing to their readers. Someone who wants to make a series of blog posts or videos on a particular topic. Finally, someone who wants to create a campaign to promote a particular item or service.

WordHero is the perfect AI-powered content writing software suitable for anyone looking to write textual content for their blog, website, YouTube videos, advertisements, landing pages and much more. . Whether you're a newbie writer or a seasoned blogger, WordHero can help you easily write great articles that drive more traffic and set you apart from the rest of the competition.

These are the people who could benefit from AI writing services for content entrepreneurs, article writers, small businesses and startups, marketing professionals, and anyone who wants to create informative and engaging content.

Why use Wordhero AI?

Wordhero AI writer is an AI tool that will help you create high quality and engaging content. With Wordhero AI content writer, you can quickly and effortlessly create blog posts, social media posts, articles and more. Wordhero AI Writer is a program that allows users to create high-quality content without any prior knowledge. The tool is simple to use and allows users to create content without having to worry about formatting or grammar. Wordhero AI content writer also provides various templates which helps to create original content.

Take advantage of the LIFETIME offer to generate unlimited content for only 269 $ or 89 $ for a monthly credit of 20,000 words! !

Pay only once and reduce the cost of writing.


Wordhero is a writing tool that allows writers to create high-quality content quickly and with minimal effort. With Wordhero, businesses can automate their content creation process, saving time and money, while ensuring the quality of their content. standard.
Wordhero is a program for quickly creating engaging and informative content.
Wordhero also comes with tools that make it easy to optimize your article to be indexed by search engines.
Wordhero offers an easy-to-use interface that makes content creation simple for any writer.
Finally, WordHero is affordable, which is great for trying out the software before committing to a monthly subscription.
WordHero has many other attributes that make it a great editing and reviewing tool.

WordHero is a great tool for writers as it automates the creation and editing process. WordHero is ideal for busy users who want to edit and create content quickly. This is not a free editor.

Take advantage of WordHero's lifetime offer to create unlimited articles per month.

Generate unlimited content

WordHero is a content creation tool, which allows users to create unlimited number of words for content. With WordHero, users can write blog posts, articles as well as books. Subscription plans allow users to create unlimited content using unlimited words on a yearly or monthly basis. You get unlimited credit.

Use the LIFETIME offer to create unlimited content for only 269 $ or 89 $ for a monthly credit of 20,000 words for one year! !

The advantages and disadvantages of Wordhero


  • Simple to use
  • Low cost
  • Unlimited Credits
  • A long text editor is also available.
  • More than 60 tools to write your content
  • Wordhero's Roadmap Looks Very Promising
  • Regular updates
  • Support for over 100 languages
  • Lifetime offer is offered


  • Plagiarism checker not working (They are working on this and hope to add this feature soon)
  • You cannot include your team members (this is also on their plan and will be added in the next update)
  • .






What features does wordhero offer?

Support for over 100 languages

With Wordhero, it's easy to create compelling content that's translated into all 108 languages of the world, making it the perfect tool.

64 models are available, and more will be added in the near future.

Wordhero can help you create unique and convertible content. With its machine learning capabilities, Wordhero can adapt to your needs and requirements, and help you create engaging and informative content. With WordHero, you can be sure that your content is of the highest standard and will make your site or product stand out from other websites.

With over 60 templates available, WordHero makes it easy to start writing content for your business. If you need an article, blog post, or social media content, plus a landing page, email marketing campaign, or just plain textual material, WordHero can help you reach your contacts in the most efficient way possible.

Long text editor

WordHero's long text editing tool allows users to create long text content 10 times faster.

  • To open the editor, just click on the Editor button in the header.
  • At the top, there are three items: Home, Editor, and History. .
    • Home is the home page where you can find all the writing tools that are available. Editor is an editing mode for long texts and contents.
    • The history feature lets you see everything you've created so far in one place.
      It is no longer necessary to browse through different folders to find the information you are looking for.
    • On the left side, the writing tools and the keyword helper are displayed.
      This one lets you search for the writing tools you want to use the word hero the ai writer search bar is available to help you.
      It is possible to save (bookmark) the features you use most often.
    • The Keyword Wizard feature allows users to enter desired keywords and let the machine do the rest. She will review the keywords and then create blog posts and articles optimized for those keywords. You can enter the keywords you want to use in the program and it will create content based on this that may be of interest to you.

The toolbar of this editor allows you to:

Create brand new content
By clicking on this button, it is possible to create new content in a new page of the text editor. The new page will open in the long text editor.

    • Open Document
      The need for a storage space where you can keep everything you've done before is useful for two main reasons. First, it lets you organize your work more efficiently, and second, it helps you go back and review your previous work.
      This is where all content previously created by Wordhero IA is stored.
    • Save current document use
      Would you like to save your document? Click here (Wordhero also has an autosave feature).
    • Advanced options
      You can select the output language from this page. Additional features will be available in the near future. The roadmap on the website reveals that a series of new features are being developed to improve writing in various languages and reduce writing time while improving the quality of writing provided. by GPT-3 based AI.
    • Get help
      Find help if you know how to use long edit mode.
    • “Blog Outline” button
      Next, place your cursor in the area where you want to draw an outline. Enter your blog title and click the button, and Wordhero will create an outline of your blog using the information you provided. Also, you can create an outline using the left side.
    • Blog Paragraphs button
      This button will generate a post in your blog below the point where your cursor is. Make sure your title is clearly defined. (First highlight the section title, then create an introductory paragraph for the section, and finally select the rocket icon). You can create paragraphs using the left side.
    • Write More button
      You can add or expand a paragraph or sentence by clicking the Write More button. Place your cursor where you want to create content, then click the Write More button (pencil icon). The AI will produce content up to 600 characters to give you an idea.
      You can also mark a specific piece of content before expanding it using the "Write More" button.

Wordhero vs. Jarvis ai (Jasper ai)

There are several AI editors available, but WordHero and Jarvis (jasper AI) are the two best known. Both have advantages and disadvantages.
Interestingly, WordHero costs less thanks to the Liftetime offer and offers unlimited credits. This is an advantage when you have to write a lot of content. WordHero is a great AI writer for users on a budget. Another thing, Jarvis is now known as jasper AI.
So if I had to choose between wordhero and jasper AI, I would go with wordhero because of their affordable subscription plans.
Wordhero's roadmap is very interesting. They have been working on a variety of exciting new features and plan to include these features in future updates.

Let's look at all of this in a little more detail.

What is the most effective AI writer?

In this WordHero Vs Jarvis AI guide, we're going to take an in-depth look at these two AI tools for copywriting to help you decide which is best for you and your business.
These tools allow you to create content in long and short forms for a variety of situations, such as captions for blogs, social media posts for SEO sales, ad copy based on a variety of frameworks. writing, in addition to hundreds of others.
We present to you WordHero as well as Jarvis (Jasper AI)
We've seen how to use the Wordhero tool, but let's take a look at Jasper AI. It went through two different phases of renaming (AI Conversion, then Jarvis) and was among the very first writing programs using computers. It has been around for over two years and has over 50,000 paying users.
What sets Jasper apart from other AI writing tools is the long text editor that lets you use Jasper's commands. You can have the tool create the following content based on your instructions.
For example, you can simply write the following: write an introduction to the above topic, then click CTRL + J and the program will execute the command. However, it takes time to get used to the mechanism and therefore use the credits.

WordHero Vs Jasper (Free Trial)

Jasper AI offers a 5-day free trial where you can create 10,000+ words for free using our affiliate link.

WordHero does not currently offer a free initial trial, but it does offer a cashback offer. You can try the tool for 60 days, and get your money back if you're not satisfied. Another reason to try the LIFETIME offer.

Product quality

These tools can produce high-quality content, but the quality varies depending on the type of content you create and the topic.
Jasper AI seems to generate high quality content once you get used to it.
WordHero's output is decent considering that it has two different engines for its writing tools.

Comparison of AI drafting models

Similar models
Many AI writing tools have shared some of the most popular templates. Jasper and WordHero both have a variety of similar templates, including:

  • Editorial frameworks like AIDA, PAS, Feature to Benefits.
  • E-commerce templates like Amazon Product Descriptions, Product Description Builder, etc.
  • AI blog templates, such as intros, wrap-up builder, and more.
  • SEO patterns, such as meta descriptions, etc.
  • Advertising models such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.

Jasper AI Models
Jasper offers over 50 templates. Here are a few that are not so common to other AI software for writing:

    • Pinterest Descriptions
    • SEO service pages to create meta descriptions and titles for SEO service pages.
    • Compelling bulleted list
    • Quora Answers
    • Photo captions
    • Unique value propositions to create brand statements that explain why your business or product is unique from others.
    • Engaging questions
    • Review Responder
    • Text summarizer to quickly find the key elements of a block of text
    • Stories to create content that engages readers
  • Content enhancement tool that allows you to turn an article into more interesting and engaging content.
  • Amazon Product Features (bullet points) to create the most important attributes and benefits of your Amazon product that you can include in the "About This Item" section of your Amazon product page.
  • Real estate ads to write properties that will sell quickly.
  • Short social posts for microblogging platforms such as Twitter.
  • Marketing angles that can help you consider different ways to add energy to your marketing or content campaigns.

WordHero AI Writing Tools (Templates)

Wordhero AI Writing Tools
WordHero has over 60 templates (more are in development) Some of them differ from Jarvis AI:

  • Blog paragraphs can be used to create sections of your copy or article.
  • Book templates, which include book titles and descriptions.
  • Descriptive phrases that modify brand phrases
  • Clear sentences as if you were a teacher
  • FAQs can be created to answer questions about your blog post, website, or product.
  • job description template
  • Personal profile on LinkedIn
  • Poems
  • Quotable Quotes
  • Job Ideas
  • Changes in tone
  • Recipes
  • Grammar checker, which means you don't need an external grammar checker
  • HSO template that incorporates hook story, hook, and provides an outline for writing.
  • Analogies provider template to turn an uninteresting statement into a more relevant comparison.
  • These are just a few examples of WordHero templates that I found quite unusual and interesting.




WordHero vs Jasper AI: Which is more efficient?

Both of these tools do a fantastic job of producing content that only requires a few minor edits and validation before publishing.

If you don't have a lot of money, Jasper AI is a better choice because it offers premium features, superior integrations, and superior results.

WordHero is a great choice for those on a tight budget as it offers unlimited content creation using the LIFETIME Deal (LTD: LIFETIME Deal) for a payment of 269 $.
By benefiting from advanced features, superior integrations and a comprehensive action plan. Don't forget that you can refund your money within 60 days if you are not satisfied.


Ultimately, Wordhero is an AI tool for writing that can produce compelling textual content for different reasons. It's user-friendly and simple to master, making it perfect for those with no copywriting experience. With its ability to create compelling content, Wordhero is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to improve their copywriting abilities.