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With increasing access to the Internet and the ever-changing landscape of user content, businesses are looking for new ways to reach their target audience. Enter Wordhero, a new AI content writing tool that promises to help businesses produce quality content in a fraction of the time.

  • So, is WordHero a good AI content writing tool?
  • Is it worth your investment? 

Let's find out the same in this WordHero review for 2022

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What is WordHero?

WordHero is an artificial intelligence tool (AI) that helps online content creators improve thetheir SEO (search engine optimization) results.

The tool uses machine learning to analyze your content and provide feedback on how to improve your rankings on search engine results pages.

In addition to SEO tips, WordHero also provides insight into how your content is performing against your competition.

Wordhero is an artificial intelligence writing software created for automatic writing of articles and website pages. It therefore makes it possible to solve problems of time and optimization.

It is ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners, SEO marketers and social media managers, article writers and editors, and anyone who wants to save time by writing.

WordHero is one of the best artificial intelligence tools for creating content. It's great for freelancers, agencies, and businesses to speed up the writing process. Modern technologies make it possible to create dynamic content suitable for the audience.

word hero notice

WordHero Dashboard

Who can benefit from WordHero?

WordHero is a tool that can be used by anyone who wants to create content. It is particularly useful for:

Bloggers:  WordHero can help bloggers find new content ideas and speed up the writing process.

SEOs:  WordHero can help SEO managers and consultants come up with ideas for content marketing campaigns, regular blog posts, and social media.

Editors:  WordHero's AI can help writers create unique and engaging content that resonates with their target audience.

Marketing specialists: Marketers can use WordHero to generate engaging, data-driven articles that will help them reach their desired audience.

Companies:  businesses can use WordHero to produce high-quality, informative content for their website or blog!

Students: WordHero can help students write term papers, term papers, and other academic content faster than they normally would.

Are the features of the AI writing tool WordHero useful?

Many features make WordHero a powerful tool for writing quality content. Here are a few :

Writing blogs and articles

One of the most important features of WordHero is that it helps writers of different levels improve the quality of their writing. The app offers a variety of different templates and makes drafting a breeze. She also uses artificial intelligence assistants to provide feedback and suggestions.

Automatic editing and replay

WordHero's auto-editing features help you spot typing errors, so you can finish your project quickly. Moreover, they allow you to adjust poorly structured sentences to improve their flow. These services can save you hundreds of hours of work every year.

dictionary of words

WordHero, apart from being a word visualization tool, also comes with a thesaurus and a dictionary. This feature helps you find the right words to use in your content, so if you want to improve your writing skills, this tool will help you.

An original and easy to use interface

Using WordHero makes the whole writing process quick and painless – you can even get feedback and review suggestions. With WordHero, you have everything you need to write effortlessly and with insight.

Benefits of using AI WordHero writing tool

Word Hero has many advantages, including:

Reduce your writing time

One of the biggest benefits of using WordHero is that it reduces the time you spend writing and improves the quality of your writing. You can quickly and easily create high-quality content with this tool.

Improve your writing

Another benefit of Word Supernova is that it helps your writing improve as quickly as possible. This AI assistant provides instant feedback and suggestions to improve your writing, ready to use on your next revision.

Get more traffic

WordHero can also help you increase traffic to your website. The software provides instant feedback on your writing and suggests ways to improve your work.

Save money

One of the advantages of Pen & Wordsman is that it offers tools at an affordable price. They provide everything people need at an unbeatable price.

Plagiarism free content

WordHero is a free online writing tool that lets you spend less time writing, and more time expanding your knowledge, by providing a collection of clear, self-explanatory, and engaging writing templates. You can also use this powerful AI assistant that provides feedback and suggests ways to improve your work

Grammatically correct content

Another great feature of WordHero is that it helps you write grammatically correct content. It offers a wide range of templates to meet your different writing needs. It also makes writing quick and easy. The AI assistant can also help you with feedback so you can get feedback on your work.

The prices per month of Wordhero

$49 / month

  • Generate unlimited content*.
  • Access to all writing tools
  • Long text editor and keyword assistant
  • Writing in 108 languages
  • 24/7 priority support
  • Lock in the low price forever
  • Cancel anytime

best choice

$348 / year

+ 29$ p/m

  • Generate unlimited content*.
  • Access to all writing tools
  • Long text editor and keyword assistant
  • Writing in 108 languages
  • 24/7 priority support
  • Lock in the low price forever
  • Cancel anytime

How does WordHero work?

Are you looking to intensify your feather in SEO ? Check out WordHero, a new AI-powered tool that can help you optimize your content for search engines. With its ability to identify keywords and improve readability, WordHero can help you write content that ranks higher on Google.

Even better, WordHero is available as a lifetime offer! Just enter some information about your target audience and topic, and the app will take care of the rest. So if you're looking to give your website an edge over the competition, be sure to check out WordHero.

WordHero works through a simulation of the AI process using e-learning.

it has several editing modes to bring you a maximum of ideas. the number of characters is unlimited and helps you achieve automatic content is easy.

WordHero provides powerful writing tools. In effect; It analyzes your website and provides feedback on how you can improve your ranking. Wordhero also offers advice on how to write effective titles and descriptions for your website. The software is easy to use and accessible from any device.

The software offers many features, here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • writing formula
    Create better text using attention, interest, desire and action.
  • Amazon Product Descriptions
    Write point-and-shoot style product descriptions for your Amazon products.
  • Blog Conclusions
    Let WordHero write a conclusion for your blog post.
  • blog titles
    Need an attention-grabbing headline for your article?
  • blog intros
    Generate a paragraph of blog content using the Blog Intros tool 
  • Blog outline
    Generate a comprehensive outline for your blog post 
  • blog paragraphs 
    Let our AI machine help you find content for your blog post.
  • Blog topics
    Not sure what to write for your blog? Let WordHero suggest topics for you!
  • Brand name ideas
    Need ideas for your business name? WordHero has suggestions!
  • Content Rewrite v2
    Ask WordHero to rewrite your sentence in a different way.
  • Letters of motivation
    Need help with your cover letter? 

You can use it to create high-quality blog content, social media posts, emails, ads, copy sales, product summaries, and more.

It is simple and efficient; helps control the web. You get a new author with an article full of information and ideas for writing. You can enter the topic you want to write about. You will get a search full of important content and information.

Offer available on appsumo

Above is an example with the term Yoga and some subtitles.

Benefits of using WordHero for content

Here are some of the benefits of using WordHero

Faster content generation

With WordHero, you can generate content in minutes that would otherwise take hours or days to write. WordHero's time-saving potential is especially beneficial for people who write on a deadline.

Original and plagiarism-free content

All content generated by WordHero is original and free of plagiarism. So you don't have to worry about duplicate content penalties

Content templates

Jasper AI provides over 50 content templates where you can choose a template based on the type of content you want to write and get started right away.

Semantically correct content

The content generated by Jasper AI is semantically correct, which means that it follows grammar and syntax rules.

How to use WordHero AI

To use WordHero, you must first have one of their active plans. I suggest signing up for the lifetime offer of WordHero available on AppSumo using the button below.

Once you are registered and logged in, you will see different content templates that you can use to create short form content as shown in the image below. 

The best way to get started with WordHero is to go to the home screen and explore each writing tool one by one.

Try to generate content from each tool. This way you have an idea of what each tool can do and if it will be useful to you in your work.

Once you're done with that, you're pretty much all good to go. You can now directly access the specific tool from which you need to generate content.

How to use long editor mode

While the builder mode already gives you all the tools you need to write quickly, the long form editor turbocharges it by 10X. You can write an article with just a title and a few mouse clicks.

To access the Editor, click the Editor button on the header.


On the Editor page, you can find two sections.

  • On the left you can see the  writing tools. These are the tools you can find on the homepage. It comes with a search button so you can easily find your favorite tools, or you can pin them to the top; just click on the pin icon located on the right side of the tool (see screenshot below).

  • L'  keyword assistant is a feature where you can enter your keywords, and the AI will use them when generating content. To access it, simply click on the small arrow located in the search bar of the editor.

  • On the right is the  document editor. This is where you can directly create your content. The Editor loads a new document each time you open it.


These are the buttons you see in the document editor panel. (From left to right)

  • Create a new document
  • Open a document
  • Save current document
  • Advanced options
  • Help
  • Blog preview (Generate preview from title)
  • Blog Paragraphs (Write content from title or highlighted section header (maximum 100 characters each))
  • Write more (write more after cursor or highlighted text (minimum 50 characters, maximum 600 backward characters))

How to generate content in the document editor:

  1. Type your title. If you don't have a title yet, you can use the Blog Titles tool to generate options for you.
  2. Click the Blog Preview button. It's an easy way to generate an outline with just one click.
  3. Click the Blog Paragraphs button. Once you're happy with the plan, you can go back to the top of your document, click on an empty row, and generate content.
  4. Click the Write More button. If you want to add more content, just click this button.


REMARK :  if the AI generates unrelated content, you can use other tools to generate content. Paste them into the document editor and click the Write More button again.

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How to save and open saved documents:

  1. WordHero already has an autosave feature built in, but you can click the » Save current document  if you want to make sure.
  2. To open your previously saved documents, click the “Open Document” button.


New Feature: Keyword Helper (Beta)

Enter your keywords and the AI will use them when writing your content.

To access the Keyword Helper:

  • Go to Editor mode.

  • Click on the small arrow in the search bar.

  • And the keyword assistant will show up.

WordHero Lifetime Offer appsumo

When you feel like you're spending too much time on your blog content, why not use an AI writer instead? You can create all the content you need to publish in just seconds!


  • Lifetime access to the WordHero plan
  • Unlimited Copy Forever (Limited Offer)
  • Access to all future writing tools
  • Access to their brand new long form editor
  • Generate catchy captions for social media
  • Write memorable product titles and descriptions
  • Brainstorm viral marketing and startup ideas
  • Support for over 20 languages