Wordhero demo for content generation

Are you looking for tools to help you write your SEO articles? Look no further than Wordhero ! Wordhero provides all the resources you need to write SEO-friendly content that will help your website rank higher in search engine results.

Assuming you are looking for a blog intro for the above content: As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of SEO, a variety of tools have been developed to help with the task of optimizing web content.

Among these is Wordhero, a tool that promises to help users “dominate the SERPS”.

How to do content generation with WordHero?

content generation

Content generation is a term used to describe a wide range of activities that produce content for websites, blogs, social media, and other digital channels. The goal of content generation is to fill these channels with valuable information that will interest and engage the audience. Content can take many forms, including articles, infographics, videos, and images.


The best content is original, engaging and useful. It provides ideas or perspectives that are not readily available elsewhere.

  • WordHero is a content generation tool that helps you create original and compelling content for your blog or website.
  • WordHero is a content generation tool that helps you create content for your website or blog.
  • WordHero content is generated by a team of professional writers who are experts in SEO and copywriting. The team researches and writes every piece of content with the reader in mind, ensuring the information is accurate and easy to understand.

WordHero Features

Wordhero is a content generation tool that can help you write articles, blog posts, and even emails.

The app has a built-in template library que you can use to get started, and it also includes a thesaurus and dictionary so you can find the right words to use.

You can also create your own templates or import documents from other applications.

Wordhero makes it easy to organize your writing, and you can export your finished work as a PDF or HTML file.

It includes a variety of modules to help you with different types of content:

  • Article intro
  • headline ideas
  • Conclusion of blog

  • blog post

  • Description of free
  • Description of campaigns 
    Brand ideas


Marketing content

Wordhero provides unlimited suggestions for marketing ideas, titles and descriptions for social media, Facebook ads, Google ads, and emails.

Ideas, lists and more

Wordhero provides you with unlimited suggestions for your business, marketing, offers, brand names, etc. If you are a marketer, you can consider it as your friend who will help you write engaging texts for social media or campaigns.

Expanding ellipses

This feature allows you to enter your bullet points to get the perfect paragraph you can use. The more details you provide to the tool to write/generate the content, the better results you can achieve.

Blog content

With just a few clicks, you can easily generate blog post ideas, entire outlines, blog titles, captivating intros, meta snippets for your blog post, and much more. You can personalize your content, make it more refined, make it more meaningful, and publish it with confidence.

tone changer

Wordhero will change the tone of the text according to your choice.

grammar checker

Wordhero's grammar correction feature makes it easy for you to type in your incorrect text and get the correct results instantly right. However, the content that can be corrected using this editing function is limited to 200 characters.

Descriptive expression

This tool rewrites your content to make it even more descriptive. You can use it when you get stuck and want to write a sentence in a more descriptive way. You can also use this feature for your social media posts, content headlines, or ad headlines.

Why use WordHero?

There are many reasons to use WordHero. It is a great tool to improve your spelling and your vocabulary, and it can also help you learn new words. 

The content generation tool is designed specifically for small business owners who want to create high-quality content without spending hours writing.

WordHero offers a simple and user-friendly interface that facilitates the rapid generation of quality content. You can choose from a variety of topics and then write your own text or use our pre-written templates.

The content is SEO optimized and helps you rank higher in search engine results pages. Additionally, our team regularly updates the article database so that you always have new content to share with your audience.

How does WordHero work?


  • The most effective way to start using WordHero is to navigate to the home screen and then study each writing tool.
  • Make the effort to develop content with each tool. This will give you an idea of what each tool can do and how useful it is in your work.
  • After that, you're pretty much done. Now you can jump straight to the tool you need to create content.

Here is an overview and presentation of WordHero.

Choose your content model

Chances are, WordHero already has everything you need to create the content you need.

WordHero offersnow over 60 content templates, including Facebook ads, articles, Google ads, Quora answers, and even song lyrics.

You can move on to the next step once you've decided which WordHero template best suits the content you want to create.

Enter your data

Fill in the template data with the details of what you want WordHero to write next.

Everything that happens at this point is under your control. The results of the AI will be directly influenced by the quality of the data you offer, so feel free to be as specific as you want.

Generate AI Content

Now that you've chosen the WordHero template you want to use and filled in the details you want WordHero to write about, it's time to create the AI content.

The formula of AIDA writing will generate several results from which you can choose, in order to select the one that best meets your needs.

Once you have finished filling data into the template, click on Write for me and see the magic happen!

Wordhero editor mode

WordHero Long Format Editor

No AI writing tool is complete without a good long format helper. In addition to 60+ models that you already have access to, WordHero includes a long format editor for writing full articles or blog posts.

You can also access all available templates in cand editor to facilitate the creation process.

Creator mode already gives you all the tools you need to create content quickly, but the long-form editor multiply this advantage by a factor of 10.

You can write an article with a simple title and a few mouse clicks. To access the editor mode, click on the Editor button in the header.

WordHero edit button header Below the long form editor is a simple and easy to use text editor that won't distract you.

The WordHero Long Editor

WordHero's long editor has two main sections. Writing tools (left)

  • These are the same models as on the homepage. There is a search button so you can find your favorite tool. You can also pin the tool to the top of the page by clicking the pin icon to the right of the tool.

Click on the small arrow to bring up the keyword assistant.

This function allows you to enter keywords that the AI will use to create content. Document editor

  • You can create content directly from this tool. Each time you open Notepad, a new document is created.

How to Write a Blog Post in WordHero


Creating blog posts and long-form content in WordHero using a long-form editor is very simple. Follow these four steps:

Write a title 

If you don't have a title yet, you can use the Blog Title tool to come up with ideas for your blog post.

Click Blog Preview:

this is an easy way to create a preview with just one click. Click on Blog Section: Once you're happy with the outline, go back to the top of the document and click on an empty line to generate the content.

Click on Write more

Just click this button to add content.

WordHero Pricing


$49 per month
  • Generate unlimited content*.
  • Access to all writing tools
  • Long text editor and keyword assistant
  • Writing in 108 languages
  • 24/7 priority support
  • Lock in the low price forever
  • Cancel anytime
$348 per year
  • Generate unlimited content*.
  • Access to all writing tools
  • Long text editor and keyword assistant
  • Writing in 108 languages
  • 24/7 priority support
  • Lock in the low price forever
  • Cancel anytime